Best Headphones Under 50: Do AirDrives Make the List

You can not be selfish and think that you are the only one who wants to enjoy good music in privacy. Your 10-year old son or daughter does too. There are many excuses we adults give as to why we should not buy headphones for our kids but these are all nullified by the AirDrives.

Same goes for those adults with small ears who think that no pair of headphones is ever going to fit them. Simply put, for adults with small ears and kids, these are the best headphones for running, playing and almost anything else. And they are easy on the pocket too!

So it was with great pleasure the the experts at put together a giant review of the top affordable headphones on the market. If you need headphones under $50 then this is the guide for you. The question remains, will the versatile AirDrives make the list this time?

Fits All Ears

The AirDrives are like a new headphone form factor altogether. One that works universally for all ears regardless of age, sex, ear-size and levels of tolerance. How hard can it be to match a pair of headphones to any set of ears if you don’t have to put any ear-buds or ear-tips into your ears?

Up until the AirDrives, there hasn’t really a single perfect headphone form factor. If you are wondering how many types of headphones there are, please read how to get your best headphones form factor on our Headphones 101 section here.

In-ear ear-bud headphones have their fair share of followers and these are users who would never try any over-the-ear configuration. Fans of over-the-ear settings like headband headphones will not have anything to do with in-ear cans either. Unknown to either sets of listeners, there are good features they miss out on by picking sides this way. guide
The annual "headphones under 50" by

The AirDrives comes to bring them the best of both sides and create a neutral ground for both sets of antagonists. Issues of discomfort are ultimately eliminated because no part of these cans goes into your ears. Rather, speakers are held close to your ear in a very subtle way. You only have to get these to see how they work.

A Pair for the Kids

The AirDrives is the best gift you can get your kid today. Using proprietary sound levelling technology, sound is kept at child-safe levels. It goes without saying that the levels of sound your ears can take are not the same your kid’s ears can take. You will find that even ramping up the volume on these cans to insane levels with not rattle your child’s eardrums.

Another great feature is the complete lack of noise isolation. For a kid this is good because he will be able to hear you when you call him for dinner (or to clean his or her room!). For you not so much, but oh well…

Again, if some adults have small ears, kids have even smaller ones. It is very hard to find a pair of cans that can fit your child’s ears subtly and even if you happen to, you will find their design makes it appear like they pinched yours while you were asleep. The AirDrives are perfect for kids. With no ear-tips or ear-buds that go into the ears, they will get to enjoy the comfort, but that’s not everything.

Safety comes into play too. Any child play that involves putting objects into their ears does not end well most of the time. This is why these are simply perfect for your child.

Adults with Small Ears

Do not be worried or ashamed that you share the same tastes for headphones with your child – it only goes to show that indeed it is your child and your ear configurations have been so meticulously transferred to him.

So many music lovers have given up hope of finding good earphones because none will fit their small ears. Those pairs that did were either miniature models that sounded as miniature as their designs and others had this or that deficiency. Like those models with beautifully sculptured foam tips that comfort the inside of your ear and yet conduct funny sounds when the cord is touched.

The AirDrives are here to bring salvation to the frustrated. If you don’t have to put it in your ear, then it does not matter how small your ears are. One size fits all.

Secure Fit Great for Running

AirDrives could not have made better use of cord than what they did with the AirDrives. The cord is allowed to loop around your ear along with part of the construction that so subtly houses the speakers. The cord is adjustable so you know what that means..

It means that you can set the headphones to fit you as securely as you want around your ears. With this capability, they will stay in place even during long runs, and at the same time they will ensure you enjoy rather than endure wearing them during exercise. There is nothing more a runner could ask for. And by a runner, we mean a kid, a woman, a man – anybody who runs.

The AirDrives
are not for you if:

You Are Looking for Noise Cancellation or Isolation
AirDrives engineered these not to have that feature in order to be good for children so do not take them into an airplane or any other noisy place hoping for silence.


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